How we can help

We offer a range of services to train and equip church members in confidently helping others. These include running a workshop at your local church, consultations with church leaders and/or pastoral carers and facilitating small group discussions.

Consultations for leaders and pastoral workers

Each individual’s needs are unique to them and often so complex that leaders and pastoral workers are looking for opportunities to discuss a particular case and the problems it presents to the church community. We offer a consultancy service in which leaders and others can talk over an individual’s needs, or perhaps several situations in one church.


 We offer five “PIP” workshops in the areas of trauma and abuse as well as other areas of emotional and spiritual difficulties faced by churches. We also teach about setting up and running Truth Teams for hurting individuals.

Small group support: Truth Teams

 Heart for Truth can visit your church to help you draw together a small team of people who will help a particular individual to learn who they really are in Christ, and who can, in all kinds of everyday situations, help them to grasp and live out the truths that can set them free.

Tailor made teaching events

We offer instruction and suggestions for ways in which leaders of churches and Christian organisations can reach those in the congregation who are emotionally wounded and/or living in fear or trauma, and who are often overlooked when it comes to Christian teaching. This will be through talks and seminars at strategic venues.