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I’m delighted to welcome you to our website.  Our desire is always that every church be equipped to care for  hurting people, however deep the hurt may be.  The task is huge, but each new contact takes us a step further.  So I really appreciate you visiting us today – why not grab a coffee, stay and take a look around?

About Heart for Truth

Heart for Truth is all about encouraging and equipping Christian leaders to recognise the huge, untapped potential of those in our churches who are hurting or marginalised.

There are so many in our churches struggling with issues around trauma, depression, mental illness or anxiety. God can use ordinary Christians to give them the confidence to walk into real freedom which is their birthright in Christ.

Events organised by Heart for Truth

How we can help

We offer a range of services to train and equip church members in confidently helping others. These can include running a conference at your local church, facilitating small group workshops and, where needed, one-to-one consultations with church leaders or pastoral carers.


We like to encourage counsellors and churches to work together in identifying the key issues that need to be addressed, and the lies that need to be replaced with truth. By working together, a long-term plan can be made that will embrace all the resources that counsellors and churches have together, thus providing joined-up support

Pastoral carers

Sometimes, no matter how much love and prayer you give, people still don’t get better. People who have been really hurt in the past often get stuck, and then we feel frustrated because we can’t help them move out of that place. It helps a lot if we have an understanding of what’s going on

Church leaders

We at Heart for Truth appreciate the tremendous strain church leaders can be under, especially when you have individual members who require time and compassion over the long haul. Sometimes you may find yourself wondering if you should really be devoting that much time to one or two when you have a whole church to…

Latest articles

Your church – a place of healing for the broken

by Carolyn Bramhall. If it is true that our God, the Great Physician, forgives all our sins, heals all our diseases and sets our feet upon a rock; if lonely people are placed into families, broken hearts healed and grieving people dance, then why don’t we see large...

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Supporting others: the works and the words

by Carolyn Bramhall. In the article “Your church – a place of healing for the broken“, we took a peek at the idea that perhaps ordinary Christians, without training in mental health issues or counselling can help the most wounded and damaged individuals in our...

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Pastoral care

by Carolyn Bramhall. “The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me …” A reflection on the Church’s response to pain and suffering. Have you ever looked into the sad eyes of someone who has suffered a great deal of pain and felt...

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“Truth Teams are a fundamental part of a hurting person’s journey to being whole in Christ. The Truth Team I had were, and still are, amazing! I couldn’t have done it without them and would encourage others to have one. Great support and understanding along the whole journey to freedom.” Sarah, Surrey

On the day our Truth Team was set up I was drowning… My Truth Team of seven people was literally life or death for me… three months after my team was set up I was whole. For the first time I was one person instead of 76 fragmented parts… my Truth Team have become my precious family; the transformation in me has been amazing.” Faith, Suffolk